Class of 2010

Though this is an old piece, I have included it because of the brief I was given. I was asked to hand draw every student in my year level in a school photo format which was to be included in the yearbook for when we graduate. I was also asked to have the students interacting with eachother, a distinguishing feature from each student and for them to be in their own friend groups. When I was first given this project I was told I would have two A4 pages creating a single spread to draw all 101 students and I would have 2 weeks to do so. The following day I was notified of several issues with the yearbook and that I would now only have a single A4 page and 7 days to complete the project. The final design pictured bellow was designed to be printed with the hand-drawn pencil look to further show that the project was all done by hand by one of the students.

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