My Logo Development

The stages of my own brand development.

When I began developing a personal brand, I initially chose to use my nickname ‘Khanicus’ instead of my real name. I had already built up a reputation around Khanicus during my years at high school and university but I had also associated the name with online game accounts which were interfering with search results. Above are logo ideas for ‘Khanicus Designs’ leading up to the current logo for Sean Middleton Graphics.
While developing a brand for myself, I wanted to incorporate my personal beliefs and draw inspiration from past experiences. I have reflected these ideals in my logo by merging two glyphs representing the values I respect most in art, “Create” and “Combine”. I also decided to use my own name as the brand so I am associated with the work I produce as well as make myself known to the wider community.
A mockup of my final logo on a shirt.
This carbon fibre pattern was developed in 2015 specifically for my printed portfolio. The gradient of each rectangle as well as the net between each shape creates the optical illusion that the shapes are woven tightly and has a three-dimensional texture.
The cover to my printed portfolio. Here I have applied the carbon fibre texture and reversed my logo colour.
The first page inside my printed portfolio is the reverse of the front cover. Instead of the background as carbon fibre, I decided to apply it to the logo itself.
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